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Will you adopt from your local dog rescue centre or perhaps buy a pedigree, whatever your decision be sure to think about your lifestyle and how your new dog will fit into your life.

If your home is pristine and you do not like a messy house then perhaps a puppy is not for you or you are not at home for most of the day you may want to think about a breed that needs less exercise.

Scroll through our list of dogs, click to highlight the breed and click the photo for a link on the general characteristics for each breed, including energy levels, temperament, life expectancy, weight etc

The information pages provided gives a general overview of the breed which can be useful to gauge if the dog is suitable for your requirements and family needs. A dogs character can be different from what is listed due to varying factors, to avoid being disappointed or becoming frustrated please do some research on your chosen breed or have a chat with your local vet.

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