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A – Z of dog foods available in the UK

dog food brands


Find the perfect brand of dog food suitable for your dog

You have just bought that new puppy or have arranged to collect your new dog from the rescue centre, what are you going to feed it?

There are many good products on the market both dried and wet, there are also many differing opinions on what you should be feeding your dog, find out from the breeder or previous owner what the dog is already eating and if you need to change the food do so gradually.
All the leading food manufacturers now have websites so there is plenty of choice, it is important to follow the correct daily amount for your dog and your circumstances.

To help you make an informed choice check out our A – Z of dog food showing the manufacturer, the products and the ingredients. If in doubt your local vet is always on hand to help you decide.

Just click on the letter to get a list of manufacturers and click for the list of products